ADU Rehab / New Build, East Austin 78721 Sold

  • $212000
  • 11,853 sqft
  • Unit A, 2,100 square feet, sell at $228/sf = ARV $478,000
  • Unit B, 1,100 square feet, sell at $330/sf = ARV 363,000
  • Estimated profit $99,965 w/ hard money
  • ROI 41.16%


  • Ask price is $212k
  • $3,000 Non-Refundable Deposit & signed agreement to secure contract
  • Properties are sold on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis
  • Buyer pays standard closing costs incl. title and a new survey, if required

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4806 Ribbecke Ave
Austin, Texas 78721
Square Feet:
For Sale
Property Type:
Year Built:

Additional Features

• This property is park-like and large at 11,853 square feet. • The area is turning out A/B new builds and people are buying. • This lot has a lot of trees, but there is one in the middle that is looking like it can come down. I see a 1,100 square foot house right there.

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