Our Co-Wholesale program

We understand the challenges of trying to find buyers for wholesale deals, while consistently marketing for leads and growing a sale pipeline. Our co-wholesale program builds on our extensive experience partnering with other wholesalers, with the objective of eliminating many of the pain points in the wholesale process.

How we can help you:

  • A-Team – We partner with you by handling the marketing and disposition of your wholesale deals and offloading all contract management responsibilities throughout the closing process – this provides you focus and the opportunity to grow your business.
  • Buyers Network – We have a well established and continuously growing buyers network. Thousands of our preferred buyers will be contacted instantly with the details of your deal. Once you join our co-wholesale program you will no longer need to vet and field inquiries. We will sell your deal to our network.  
  • Marketing – We have spent several years mastering our processes and systems to seamlessly and consistently market, buy and sell properties. You no longer need to spend unnecessary time on marketing since we have you covered.
  • Administration – We have a dedicated Transaction Coordination team that manages the entire closing process, including contract creation, coordination with the seller, buyer and the title company to ensure a smooth process every step of the way.
  • Experience – We bring the breadth and depth to help you leverage and scale your wholesale business. Our team has experience managing a diverse range of transactions and will help you address any hurdles that come up during the closing process.

What’s in it for each of us:

  • We offer a 50/50 split on the gross profit of the deal. There are no startup costs involved or ongoing management/subscription fees. Tallbridge Real Estate only gets paid when you get paid.

What we need from you:

A completed lead submission form so we can collect the info we need to help sell your deal.  Once received a member from our team will contact you within 24 hrs.

To complete the form you will need the following;

  1. A fully executed contract, which must be direct with seller.
  2. The property must be off-market – we love realtors but no MLS deals, please.
  3. Contract price must be at a minimum 75% of ARV less repair costs.

A deal opportunity presented to us mean you (aka Terms & Conditions):

  • Grant Tallbridge Real Estate Inc the exclusive right and privilege to market your property to our buyers’ network.
  • Agree that we have a legal and binding contract reviewed by all parties.
  • Understand the relationship between all parties shall be limited to a specific wholesale deal presented to us. This Agreement shall be and is deemed to be an Agreement for the sole purpose of carrying out the specific wholesale deal referenced. Nothing herein shall be construed to create an agency or partnership between both parties for any other purpose or to authorize either party to act as general agent for each other in any other context or matter or to either party to bid for or to undertake any other contracts or agreement for each other.
  • Acknowledge that TallBridge is not buying the property and that you are engaging for the sole purpose of marketing.
  • Under no circumstance, known or unknown will you including but not limited to anyone associated with your organization or family will take legal action against TallBridge Real Estate Inc.
  • By submitting the referenced wholesale property you accept these terms in their entirety.

Co-Wholesale Contact Form

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